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Sunday's Ballistics for Beginners Useful Fact :

All bullets will drop 14 foot in one second of flight. Regardless of velocity.

All bullets will drop 4 foot in half a second of flight. Regardless of velocity.

The difference is that a faster bullet will travel further in half a second. So it will have 4' of drop further away, and will therefore be "flatter shooting". The forward velocity of the bullet has nothing to do with the downward velocity, because the directions are at 90°. Perpendicular components of motion are independent of each other.
Like all laws of physics, it doesn't matter what you believe, all bullets drop the same distance in half a second. What about air resistance? Shouldn't streamlined bullets fall faster? The force of air resistance depends on velocity squared. A bullet traveling 4' in half a second doesn't experience noticeable drag. So , yes, streamlined bullets fall faster, but the effect is very small. (It is really 44" in .5 seconds, and 162" in 1 second)
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