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Tuesday's Ballistics for Beginners Useful Fact :
Earlier we added nail polish marks for scope elevation, is there is simple way to deal with wind?. Yes. Paint the wind deflection for a 10mph wind at 200 yards on your windage turret cover. As the distance doubles wind deflection quadruples. Let's say you paint "6" on your wind turret as your 200 yard windage. At 400 yards the windage is 4 times that, 24" (Multiply by 4 at 400). At 100 yards the windage is a quarter of that, 1.5".
100 yards 200 Yards 400 Yards
X/4 X X*4
1.5" 6" 24"

It works in meters too. If you check out a ballistics table, you will see that it is very close.
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